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The Lucas County Genealogical Society maintains an extraordinary collection of materials pertaining not only to family history, but to local, state and national history and statistics as well.  Many hours were spent entering this information manually so it could be viewed digitally. Every name that ever appeared in any of the Chariton newspapers is now indexed for your convenience. Start by looking up your family name in the NEWSPAPER INDEX in the upper left on this page, and then use that information to search in the CHARITON ADVANTAGE PRESERVATION link in the upper right of this page.



The following reference will help to find the correct paper, year, month and page when using the NEWSPAPER INDEX:

(P) Herald-Patriot - the first one is from 1947 to 2011
(P) Herald-Patriot - the second one goes to 1947
(L) The Chariton Leader - the first one goes to 1947
(L) The Chariton Leader - the second one is from 1947 to 2011
The rest are (H) Herald and (D) Democrat


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Genealogy Resource Policy:

The Laura Curtis Family History Room contains genealogical resource materials and equipment owned and operated by the Lucas County Genealogy Society.  The collection includes materials pertaining to family histories, as well as some local, state and national history and statistics.  The Chariton Newspapers are made available on microfilm and are partly indexed.  

The general public may use these facilities with the permission and/or assistance of society members during regular Library hours. You do not have to be a Library card-holder.  Lucas County Genealogical Society Volunteers are available to assist patrons in utilizing the collection on most afternoons, and are often available by appointment or on request during the week.  Requests for assistance and information can be phoned or faxed using the Library’s contact numbers, or mailed c/o the Library, or emailed to: