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Our MakerSpace facility:
  • Serves as a location to bring together likeminded people to discuss and create media, art and craft forms of particular interest to them.
  • Provides space and equipment, and sometimes materials, makers do not own at home, to complete personal projects.
  • Has a Multi-Media computer system that can be used to compose and record music, is capable of high resolution printing and can also convert VHS home videos into digital copies that can be burned to a DVD.
  • Has even more to offer - inquire within for special requests.




MakerSpace Word Jumble

Maker Tools comes fully equipped!

Electronics littlebits sets - digital media hardware - digital camera - software, artistic, audio, video etc - cake decorating tools - jeweler's bench blocks, rubber and steel - jewelers jig kit - spring clamps - table vise - c-clamps - machinist calipers - square layout tool - craft and carving blades - box knives - rotary cutter - DIY glass cutter - Tile Nippers - bottle cutter machine - jewelry pliers and hammers - wire stripper and cutter - locking vise-grip pliers - adjustable crescent wrench - ratchet/socket set - manual hand drill - heavy duty staple gun and staples - rivet gun - eyelet grommet pliers - steel hole punch eyelet setter - punch tool - punches - chisels - wood and metal files - rasps - jewelers saw - finishing saw - coping saw - pull saw- compass saw - keyhole saw - hacksaw - miter box - power screwdriver with cutter attachment - jig saw - tabletop saw - 2.5-amp 9-inch band saw - hole saw set - cordless drill - corded drill - drill press 8-inch 5 speed - dremel 120-volt variable speed rotary tool and engraving kit - dremel flex shaft sanding tool - sheet sander - mouse detail sander - orbital sander - belt sander 1" X 30" - wood burning tool - 60W adjustable temp soldering iron - heat gun - air compressor - heavy duty high speed sewing machine - outlet tester and multimeter - stud finder, To name a few...


All of this made possible by a generous donation from: 

DEKKO Foundation