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Library Card Information

To Get A Library Card You Must:

Provide proof of address & a photo identification. Acceptable forms of identification and proof of address are:

  • Driver's license - If this item has your current address, it counts for both i.d. and proof of address.
  • Student i.d.
  • Passport
  • Mail received at residence
  • Rent receipt with address
  • Personal check with address
  • Voter registration
  • Current phone bill


Patron Agreements & Requirements:

Patron Responsibility and Waiver of Confidentiality Agreement:

I/We understand and agree that the right to use the Library card issued as a result of application obligates me to comply with all Library policies as from time to time amended, to pay for the loss of, or injury to materials and equipment borrowed, to pay fines for overdue materials and equipment or any other reasonable fees, and to give immediate notice of change of address or lost card.  

Confidentiality requirements of Iowa Code Sec. 22.7(13) are hereby waived to the extent necessary for collection of overdue fine, or loss or injury to materials or equipment.  

Iowa Code Sec. 22.7(13)
“Circulation records are confidential by law.  Library employees shall not make such records available to any individual or group including any agency of local, state or federal government.  The exception is that as part of the Library borrowing contract, patrons must agree to waive confidentiality requirements of Iowa Code Section 227(13) to extent necessary for collection of overdue fines or assessments for lost or damaged Library materials or equipment.”  

Educational Loans:
Items borrowed for use in an educational setting; a classroom, daycare or home-schooling situation, may be checked out for an extended period to meet the needs of a given project.  A teacher or other education professional may request an extension at the time of checkout.  A student must present documentation in the form of a course syllabus or assignment sheet. Extensions are at the discretion of the Librarian, and may not be granted on high-demand materials.  The individual borrowing the items is responsible for their return to the Library and any late fees which accrue.    

Patrons may place holds on items through the librarian at the circulation desk.   A patron may have a total of 3 holds at any given time.  A hold can only be placed on an item which is currently checked-out or otherwise unavailable.  “Pending” holds remain in the system for 60 days.  Once a “pending” hold becomes “ready”, patrons will be notified by phone and will have 5 business days following the day of notification to pickup the item before it passes on to the next patron or is returned to the shelf.  

Damaged, Lost or Stolen Items:
Patrons are responsible for returning borrowed materials in good condition and may be assessed costs for damaged or lost items.  Unreturned items more than two months overdue will be considered lost or stolen and replacement costs will be assessed.  Library privileges may be suspended or revoked if damage or replacement assessments are not paid.  Legal action may be taken by the Library upon failure to return items or pay the costs assessed.  

Assessments will include the actual replacement and processing costs.  “Avoidable damage” to the cases housing audiovisual items, such as the heat-warping that occurs when the item is left in the sun or near a heat source, will also be assessed to the patron in addition to payment for any damage sustained by the parts inside the case.  Amounts are assessed per item and determined by current availability and pricing as listed by product providers: Baker & Taylor, Audio Editions, Random House, Demco, or by the Library of Congress, with replacement costs for individual parts of audiovisual items determined by the source of purchase or replacement. All payments are non-refundable.

Claim of Return:
Patrons may file a Claim of Return if they believe that an item still checked-out on their card has been returned. Staff will check the stacks an additional two times (stacks are checked each time an overdue notice is generated) over the following two months to ascertain if the item has actually been misplaced within the Library, while the item itself remains in extended checkout on the patron’s card. The patron will accrue no additional fines during those two months. A Claim of Return notation will be added to the patron’s record, including the filing date of the claim.

If the item is located in the Library, it will be removed from the patron’s record with no fines assessed, and the Claim of Return notation will be removed from the patron’s record.

If the item is not found in the Library during the two-month period, the item will be converted to a “lost item” in the Library’s system, pending further action. The Claim of Return notification will remain in the patron’s record. Patrons must return the item if they locate it, or pay the replacement price to have it officially removed from their record.

Abuse of the Claim of Return option could potentially damage the Library’s collection.  To protect the collection from such abuse, a limit of two claims may be filed in which the patron’s claim goes unquestioned. If a patron has two Claims of Return and the material is not located in the Library on each occasion, that patron will be charged for any subsequent items claimed that cannot be located in the Library.