(Approved January 7, 2016)
Personnel Policy:
The Chariton Public Library adopts the City of Chariton Personnel Manual and relevant policies thereto. Attached, Please see Appendix.
Library Staff Development/Training:
Library staff will be instructed and trained in Library procedures through one-on-one training provided by the Library Director and other Library Staff. Additional professional development courses may be assigned by the Library Board. Any fees or mileage will be reimbursed by the Library in such cases. If Staff Members elect to pursue additional training of their own accord, application for fee and mileage reimbursement may be made to the Library Board.
Library Staff Job Descriptions:
Attached, Please see Appendix.
(Approved January 7, 2016)
Services against Chariton Public Library prohibited.
Chariton Public Library employees shall not receive, directly or indirectly, enter into any express or implied agreement, for the appearance or rendition of services by that person or another against the interest of the Chariton Public Library. This includes membership in any organization or entity that solicits funds for the benefit of the Library that otherwise might be paid to the Chariton Public Library.
Adapted from §68B.6 Iowa Code