Use a computer


Everyone is welcome to use the public computers for personal and business use. No library card is required
to use the public computers. To use one, simply ask for a PIN at the Circulation Desk. This PIN is a one-time password
that enables public computer use for 60 minutes. More time may be requested if no one is waiting for a computer.
All public computers are monitored from the Circulation Desk. Library Policy states that “Library staff may request
individuals cease to view or listen to content that threatens the safe and comfortable environment of the library or
interferes with the conduct of library business. Library staff will assess patron complaints about content visible on any
screen in the library building in accordance with the Library’s Conduct Policy concerning visual and/or verbal
harassment.” For more information, read our Internet Use Policy or ask a Librarian.

The public computers are set to print black and white for 25 cents per page. If you require color copies or color printing,
please ask a librarian.

Our Wi-Fi is always available, even when the Library is closed.

While you are near the building, select "libraryguest"

to access the Wi-Fi. No password is needed.