Genealogy FAQs

How do I start researching my family tree?

Congratulations on entering the exciting world of genealogy!  We will be happy to assist you in your research. Come to the Chariton Public Library during our staffed hours, Monday-Friday from 10-3, also by appointment, or e-mail us anytime at


Has anyone started researching families in my family tree?

There are several ways to answer this question. You may research using the links provided on our Genealogy page on this website, send us an e-mail at, or fill out the "Ask A Researcher" form found on this website.


I think I have family members buried in Lucas County cemeteries-- how can I find out which ones?

We have an extensive registry of cemeteries and obituaries as well as all of the local newspapers.  You are welcome to use these resources and we can help you during our staffed hours (Mon-Fri 10-3) at the Chariton Public Library or send the "Ask A Researcher" form on this website.


My dad was in the newspaper in high school and I would like to see the article.  How can I find that article?

All of the local newspapers through 2018 have been scanned and are available online. Visit our links to find your family in Lucas County Newspapers.


Is researching my family tree free?

Yes!  There is no fee to use our resources or our services.  Donations are always appreciated.


How do I become a member of the Lucas County Genealogical Society?

There is a form on this website or you can e-mail the society at  Membership is $10 per year and includes newsletters..


Does the Genealogical Society have access to

Yes!  We have access to  This service is paid for by the Lucas County Genealogical Society and donations to help continue this subscription are always appreciated.