Newspaper Indeces


The following reference will help to find the correct paper, year, month and page when using the NEWSPAPER INDEX:

(P) Herald-Patriot - the first one is from 1947 to 2011
(P) Herald-Patriot - the second one goes to 1947
(L) The Chariton Leader - the first one goes to 1947
(L) The Chariton Leader - the second one is from 1947 to 2011
The rest are (H) Herald and (D) Democrat

Every name that ever appeared in any of the Chariton newspapers is now indexed for your convenience. Start by looking up your family name in the NEWSPAPER INDEX and then use that information to search in the CHARITON ADVANTAGE PRESERVATION link on the main Genealogy page.

At this time, we are aware of the fact that some of these indexes are incomplete.  We are in the process of fixing this, but in the meantime, please contact the Genealogical Society directly at with questions about entries not included on these indexes. Thank you for your patience while we are social distancing and not at the primary genealogy computer.